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Deputy Chairman of the Ha Tinh Traffic Safety Committee does not need to be re-appointed?


Monday, 14 January 2019 21:00 (GMT + 7)

People who have been deputy head of the Traffic Safety Committee in Ha Tinh Province and who have not yet been appointed still signed a number of direction papers.

Deputy Chairman of the Ha Tinh Traffic Safety Committee does not need to be re-appointed? - 1

Although the five-year term has expired, Mr. Viet has not been appointed as a title.

This is the case of Hoang Minh Viet (born August 25, 1960), working for the Traffic Safety Committee in Ha Tinh Province. According to Decision No 688, dated 20 March 2013 by the People's Committee of the Province of Ha Tinh, Hoang Minh Viet was appointed Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, Head of the Provincial Road Safety Committee within five years from the date of signing the decision. . Until now, Vietnam's appointment period has ended almost a year, but he still signed a series of local guidelines. This makes many places worried.

Nguyen Thanh Hung – Ha Tinh Head of the Personnel Department at the Department of Home Affairs, in response to a traffic newspaper reporter, said: Mr. Hoang Minh Viet continued to sign documents with the name of Vice Chairman of the Board Current Traffic Safety Ha Tinh is not appropriate. On March 26, 2018 (at the time the decision was made to appoint the vice-chairman of the Local Traffic Safety Council, the Ministry of the Interior issued a written advisory report to the Provincial People's Committee. However, the province is still considering some of the provisions of Prime Minister's Decision 22/2017 / QD-TTg.

In particular, Decision 22/2017 / QD-TTg dated 22 June 2016 regulating the organization and operation of the National Traffic Safety Committee, provincial and urban traffic safety committee directly under the central government, stating: For centrally managed cities with a population of 2 million or more, with a difficult traffic safety situation, the Chairman of the People's Committee – the Traffic Safety Director will consider and appoint a vice-president of the provincial or city traffic safety council.

If, in accordance with this Regulation, Ha Tinh does not have sufficient criteria for the designation of the aforementioned name. Because: so far, Ha Tinh population is still 1.3 million people (according to Ha Tinh Provincial People's Committee website) the traffic safety situation in the province compared to neighboring provinces has not changed. complicated.

As Mr Hung points out, the reason why Mr Vietnam is still a vice-president is due to the "delay" in staffing and organization.

“In the past, the deputy head of the ATGT was a member of the Steering Committee of the Provincial Standing Committee, the holder of this position was entitled to a regime, such as Heads of Department. Strengthening the hours under the new rules should wait for a direction from the Provincial Standing Committee. Immediately thereafter, the Ministry of the Interior, together with the Provincial Organizing Committee, reports to the Provincial Standing Committee to adopt an agreement plan in accordance with the Prime Minister's decision.

Meanwhile, on the phone, Hoang Dinh Ha – Ha Tinh Provincial Committee, Deputy Head of the Organization Committee said: This information has been used. At the informative meeting last month, the issue was also raised to discuss this issue, but Comrade Head went to business, so there was no direction. We will report to the President. "

Mr Hoang Minh Viet, on the other hand, explained: 'Following the TTCP decision no. 22 issue Ha Tinh also asked this question in the table. At that time, I reported to the President of the Provincial People's Committee, People's Council and Department of the Interior and agreed to keep it current. However, Vietnam also admitted that at present the provincial party committee and the Ha Tinh People's Committee do not have any formal documents to re-appoint or agree that he will continue to serve as vice chairman of the board.

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