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Da Nang urgently needs to check for water scarcity News

Uncleaned water in the Cau Do River is considered to be the cause of water drowning in Da Nang.

During the period from 6 to 11 September, many people in Da Nang city districts get into water shortage, despite the mid-season of the rain. They need to use buckets, a drop-down pan for gradual use; Many households do not have enough water to operate the washing machine, so they need to wash their hands; many families, schools buy bottled drinking water, …

Subsequent to the afternoon of September 13, Dang Viet Dung, deputy chairman of the city council, signed a document indicating the units in question to urgently check and report on the situation where water scarcity is intended for living and the solutions proposed.

Mr Dung led units to explore the responsibilities of organizations and individuals related to the management and operation of a clean water supply system, which has recently led to water scarcity; Correction and initiation of liability (if any); Da Nang Water Supply Company (Dawaco) has difficulty reporting so far on performance, capital, key personnel and manufacturing and business.

Before the question of water in the An Trach salt water pumping station is missing, but the pump does not work, which results in dripping water supply, said Hu Huang, General Manager of Dawaco, who said that the cause of water scarcity was "mainly because the untreated water on the Cau Do River is salted , and this is an objective reason. "

According to data from Dawaco, from 31 October to 7 November, salinity ranges from 372 mg / l to 4.374 mg / l, the highest level since the beginning of 2018, which results in insufficient supply of raw water. Two Cau Do factories and airport operations (facilities provide 80% pure water Da Nang).

The company had to use Trach 24 Pump Station for two Red Coyote and Soy Bay factories. This pump station is only 200,000 m3 / day. Although the daily water demand of the population is 270 000 m3 per day. And it is said that this is the reason for the weak water, in many places there is no peak in water for hours.

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The Cau Do water plant should pump water from the Trach saltwater station to operate. Photo: Nguyen Dong

Explaining that Trakai Station has six pumps, but only three machines, Huong said that according to the 2008 Cau Do raw material water supply station pipeline design, even the capacity is only 200.00 m3 / day. At the same time, each pump (after refurbishment in 2015) can be pumped at 3000 m3 / h, so only three machines are enough. Three machines left behind.

"We do not feel regrettable about the electricity bill, so we do not run it, but the current pipeline does not allow us to pump more," Huangs said, adding that the flow of water from the red bridge to traffic was expensive. %, which contributes to the shortage of raw water.

Da Nang needs an explanation for the Hoa Lien Water Plant Project

In connection with the Hoa Lien water project project – the project will help improve the state of "thirsty" water in the direction of Da Nang direction 13/11, city leaders have asked the unit to urgently report on the investment situation in the construction, fully analyze the implementation period from 2012 to the moment, explaining the project's long The causes of implementation; As a basis for reporting to the Permanent Party Committee on November 20 before the Da Nang Permanent People's Council.

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