Thursday , February 25 2021

Critical failure can not be transferred

Related to the case Dinh Thi Ngoc A. (26 years old, Chi Linh city, Hai Duong province) was shot dead selling beans in the Ben Tu market (Chi Linh), 14/11, the police said police had not yet sued, but has collected information.

Missing woman killed in Hai Duong: Critical victim can not escape - Photo 1.

Crime scene

According to information, the current culprit, Chu Dang Khoa (SN 1982, who lives in Ben Tu Ward, Chi Linh), is still being sheltered in the Chi Linh city hospital in a critical condition, despite the fact that it is being treated actively, But Oxygen can not be released tonight.

Before that, at noon 8.00. On November 14, when Ngoc A. sold the tofu to the market, the unit suddenly wiped off to shoot more pistols to death instantly. After the victim was killed, the perpetrator pulled out a knife and used a knife to kill himself, but failed.

Missing Miss Hai Duong: Critical Hail Can not escape - Photo 2.

One of the faculty's weapons.

When the police arrived on the scene, Khoa was in a state of uncertainty severely injured by self-employed people, but his hand still held the weapon. Functional forces have used a tactical method that eliminates three guns for object and control to get into an emergency. Of the three weapons, one was made by themselves, the other two were of Chinese origin.

Speaking with Pv, the chairman of the Vu Dinh Thahs, Ben Tham Ward, said: "The initial determination of the faculty has feelings about the victims, but the victims disagree, because the faculty has a woman and children, the victims are husbands and children, and they live happily.

Prohibited, the object threatens the victim if disagreeable, will be retired. In the past, the faculty was a student at the National Economics University, but pupils were excluded from playing. After that, Khoja has been involved in drug offenses, sentenced to 3 years in prison, and this year has just been punished in places. "

Investigated, clarified the cause of the case.

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