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Chilean mother clip pulls the baby out of the death magic container


Saturday, 2 February 2010 14:41 (GMT + 7)

Thanks to the Toyota Vios 4-seater, 2 mothers and daughters sat on motorcycles and hit the Nam Dinh, just like a container truck rushed, but the mother miraculously took the baby off the wheel of the container.

Facebook shared a dizzying clip on driving a car, recording two mothers and daughters who miraculously escaped when a motorcycle collided with a car. 4 places were awarded to Vu Ban district, Nam Dinh province.

The video recorded a scene where a woman fell off the road and quickly pulled the baby out of the container

According to the registered trip, the incident takes place around 10:00 to 1-2, Highway 1A, in the section crossing Bao Minh Industrial Park, Vu Ban District, Nam Dinh Province.

At that time, a motorcycle carrying 3 people on the road suddenly hit the Toyata Vios in the same direction, causing the motorcycle to lose, and both mothers went down the street.

Dropping down the road at the same time, the container truck drove in the same direction that was rushing at high speed, fortunately a woman quickly pulled a small child to miraculously escape the wheel of the container.

The dissatisfaction is that after the incident, the Vios car (light color) did not stop watching, but continued to work.

Chilean mother clip pulls baby from magic death wheel container - 1

Two mother and daughter images miraculously escaped from the container car

On the morning of February 2, the head of the Police Department of the Nam Ban District (Nam Dinh Province) said he had just heard information on the Internet and had not seen anyone sending recommendations about the incident.

"Traffic accidents must be a proposal, as well as images that we can process. It is a collision without consequences if the consequences that make us check. However, using this image as propaganda to allow people to participate more in traffic," said the manager.

Clip: Young people stand out miraculously directly at the truck wheel after the accident

Crossing the Saigon junction, the young man in the GrabBike shirt hit the truck, turning many times, leaving a short distance away from death.

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