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Child rape, "loving green beard" was sentenced to 9 years in prison


On November 7, the Hanoi People's Court sent Vu Van Thuu (SN 1975, a resident of Long Bien, Hanoi) and decided to sentence the defendant to 9 years' imprisonment for "rape" children in accordance with Article 112-BLHS in 1999.

The damaged case was the niece N. T. K. O. (SN 2009) in Hoai Duke Hanoi.

According to the file, for approximately 13 hours from 30 June 2014, Vu Van Thuuy bought tobacco tubes. When driving on a three-way Hoa Tham village (La Phu, Hoai Duc, Ha Noi), contact O. Bike along the way. Remember to recognize that a child is familiar, should say: "I go to the playhouse, I do not ask".

Accordingly, grandson O. agreed, took a bike to the house and "bearded beard"Tell me, O:" I hurt my hand, it hurts. "The child sat on the porch and squeezed the accused's hand.

Child rape


However, only a moment later Cuc returned: "I also have abdominal pain" and went to sleep and made her sit on the bed to squeeze her arms, massage the abdomen baby. During this time, he has a bad intention. When the abusive behavior began, the girl did not answer because he did it.

After a fraudulent activity with his grandson, O. ended, he told the child to go and suggested "Do not touch anyone," then O. Grandfather wore her pants, riding her bike to go home, grandmother.

At this point, the girl came out of the house with panic, unusual hair impairment, a couple suspected of a neighboring house. The man went to the gate, looking at the fact that he had robbed the trimming trousers, so his wife told her mother.

Asked by his mother, O. has been talking about cases of sexual abuse. O. family to the house to tell the story, he just said: "I'm sorry."

Due to the urgency before Thai unwanted behavior, his grandson O. took the broken bricks to the forehead. When he was defeated, he continued to say, "You are wrong, you are responsible, I'm sorry."

When he saw his mother, O. said: "You can not ignore it, bring it to the police." He escaped, but escaped, held it and took him to the police station.

The victim's family and the defendant's family agreed and paid a civilian fine of DEM 10 million and asked the law enforcement agency to consider reducing fines to the deceased.

After consultation, on the basis of all file materials, related information, as well as changes in court proceedings, a group of experts TAND TP Hanoi The defendant's statement of conduct is particularly serious as it harms the child's honor, dignity and normal development. It is therefore necessary to apply severe penalties for education. , reform of the accused and abstention, common crime prevention.

Consequently, the group of experts decided to punish the defendant, Vu Van Thuu, for nine years in prison Child rape.

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