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Chicken breeding "strange", deaf all ears, putting more than a hundred eggs, old farmers hit big – the market

Tuesday, 22 January 2019 05:00 AM (GMT + 7)

From chicken breeding – chicken breeds to deafness all day, each child has more than one hundred eggs, old farmer Luong Van Don (born in 1958, Thai), Cuong Muong village (Tong Lanh Municipality, Thuan Chau District) in Son La Province has been life that gradually becomes rich.

When we heard the strange sounds of our ears, after screaming, we caught Picku Muong in the village of Tong Lanh, feeding the chicks. Looking at the Don Chickens, it is very similar to the wild pheasant species, asking what it is a star chicken, the Chicken breed is quite strange for Thai people Tong Lanh.

Doi's life is getting better and better from chicken farming

Placing water to invite us, Mr. Chuyen talks about the charm that attracts this star chicken. "I have a grandson who is married to Binh in Thailand. Seeing that the chicks are laying hundreds of eggs, the resistance is high, so he sent his father and tested my pairs. Since then I've been working with you." .

Chicken & # 34; & # 34 ;, strange nasty cry, lay one hundred eggs, farmer big hit - 2

According to Mr. Pick, if the star egg is hatched, the drum can only kick up to 5 women

Mr. Don said: "I am afraid that will not be suitable for the climate in 2016, so I took 20 women and 4 men up to about 1 week of age and tried to pick them up. Any doubt the more they grow, the more 4 months later, the more They weigh 1.6 to 2 kg on average, increasing their age by 6 months, and women start to lay eggs every year from the end of March to the end of October.

Chicken & # 34; & # 34 ;, strange nasty cry, lay one hundred eggs, farmer big hit - 3

"During the laying of eggs, the chicks of the star eat a lot of unripe. They have to eat about 4 tons of rice for both my chickens and the laying season," Don said.

Thanks to the small number of star chickens, the number of eggs produced by Mr Don was not sold but came to our chickens and was placed in hatcheries for cultivation. So far, the Picka chicken family has grown to over 300 children. "I have not seen any hen producing a lot of eggs and having good resistance, such as this type of star chicken. I have not seen any sick or dead baby since my lift. At first I heard my grandchildren say," You just talked a little . From youth to age, I haven't heard any chickens like eyebrows, including … ", now I have believed that my grandson's words are true" – Mr. Laugh.

Chicken & # 34; & # 34 ;, strange nasty cry, lay one hundred eggs, farmer big hit - 4

If the meat is sold, only 4 months should be raised to sell the star chicken. You want to put eggs to grow eggs, you have to grow from 6 months and older.

According to Pick, although these chickens have good resistance and calving, they also have drawbacks. The ability to dissolve these chicken eggs is quite inconvenient, they often place eggs to start incubation, hatch time is 28 days. If you do not notice, look carefully at each egg, the egg will quickly break down and become cancerous. The best way is to use an incubator and use chicken to dissolve the eggs.

"Compared to other livestock, chicken breeding is very simple, they only eat corn, paddy, vegetables, banana leaves, do not need to buy medicine because of the high resistance, so it is very suitable. At this point some farmers in this area have started to grow these chickens." selling price of 7-10 thousand VND / egg, 120-150 thousand VND / kg of meat per year.In 2018, when selling eggs and selling meat, I collected almost 100 million VNDs, after deducting a 50 million percent interest on feed, chickens with high economic efficiency, low investment costs, I will continue in the future. I think it is best to enrich this land only to get this baby "- Mr. Don believed.

Chicken & # 34; & # 34 ;, strange crying, sleeping hundred eggs, farmer big hit - 5

Chicken & # 34; & # 34; strange stunning cry, lay one hundred eggs, farmer hit big - 6

Very simple star chicken food is just corn, vegetables, weeds …

It is known that in the past the family was born, Mr Don only knew how to grow corn and dug, so the income was very low enough to cover the daily meals of family members. After moving to chickens, Mr. Don's life has moved to a new page without worrying about it now, thinking about a meal …

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