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Both the winner and the winner were VND 4,600 billion and advised to do so immediately

Friday, March 1, 2019, 5:00 AM (GMT + 7)

If they follow, they will not have to do anything, but there are still 13 billion dongs every month.

Recently, the EUR 175 million (EUR 4 620 billion) Euromillions lottery prize was officially recognized as a 6-person family in Ireland. This unexpected success also attracted the attention of the media and netizens. Especially Eoin McGee, an anonymous financial expert, gave practical advice on how to use this huge amount of money.

The expert advised the winning family to send the money directly to the bank. Thus, each month, they will receive interest up to EUR 500 000 (13 billion US dollars).

According to the Irish media, the Euromillion lottery was reported to have been issued simultaneously in 8 European countries. Therefore, the amount of the bonus for this happy family will be transferred from 3 countries: England, France and Spain to the Irish National Lottery Center. This center will then grant them.

Even the winner, VND 4,600 billion, a financial expert advised to do so immediately - 1

Happy member of the Irish family.

The closest family friend discovered that the center of the lottery would be a red carpet and champagne to congratulate the winner. It will also be an unprecedented award-winning party in Irish history.

Earlier in 2005, an Irish sanitation worker also won a jackpot of € 115 million ($ 3.036 billion in VND). In 2016, the Dublin bus driver in Ireland also won a € 23.8 million (€ 628 billion) award with a very large award ceremony.

Both the winner and the winner were VND 4 600 billion, which advised me to do so immediately - 2

Lottery Station Staff – The Place to Sell a Jackpot Ticket

Even the winner of the party is VND 4600 billion, the financial expert suggests doing it immediately - 3

Irish National Lottery Center.

On the winning side of the family, they said that this success was "incredible." It is known that family members are very close to each other. They meet every week and go on holiday every year. For them it is a great dream. However, they do not want to change their lives.

Winning £ 5bn, but you can't get paid just because your parents are

However, this boy has found every way to achieve the desired result.

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