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Being a "sex" loving husband, a naked man outside the window – You're new

Wednesday, 28 November 1818, 15:05 (GMT + 7)

Fear was revealed by his beloved husband, who climbed out of the window in an unused position.

Being & # 34; man of love, man naked outside window - 1

The man cut off the window

Recently, Chinese internet users have mixed up before the release of the clip on LiveLeak 25/11. In the clip, a person carved on the fourth floor of the window building, if not arranged.

Consequently, at around 11 o'clock, the witness was very surprised when the witness had to decide to take the phone to record in this picture. The man was completely naked, his arm was at the edge of the window, his legs striving to stay in air conditioning. However, after a few seconds, he could no longer lift his arm and fall off.

Being & # 34; love man, man naked outside window - 2

The man was in a garbage can, but it was not clear what the damage was

According to LiveLeak, this man is "sex" with a woman living on the 4th floor, returning her husband. Fearing that he was discovered, the man rushed out of the window without crying.

Fortunately, when this person falls, he gets trash. However, it is unknown whether he is injured or not, and it is unclear whether he was found guilty of a marriage offense.

After being socially shared, this incident has attracted a lot of attention from the Internet community. Most people are very surprised and fascinated: "It's good to be married, do not know how embarrassed," "Do not you know that the wife's husband discovered his wife married?" , "Will he fall into a trash can, I do not know how he will overtake it?"

The rain, naked girl suddenly climbed the window to escape

Unbelievably when hiding on the balcony, the young girls are faced with the regiment below.

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