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At the end of the year, 7 prison detention centers came out of prison with the names of the offender


Saturday, February 2, 2019 04:00 AM (GMT + 7)

After bars, prisoners still have their way to the new year. It is a story that Robert Galvan (the name of the prisoner has changed), a former mafia who has been imprisoned for a total of 21 years and has 7 different detention centers.

Every prisoner has another sentence, but after he has arrived in prison, he will have the same four tense, gloomy and cold walls. The concept of their premises has ceased to exist since the coming. That's why, at the moment of transition, nostalgia for family and friends, remembering for free life is even more. The series "When Prisoners Welcome to the New Year Prison" will again reflect the true life and emotions.

New Year's bags

During 21 years of imprisonment, I have experienced almost all the emotions of prisoners in recent days. Without those who are sadly depressed, many prisoners will not even notice. They thought it was just different days in the calendar. What they are interested in is the gang's movement at the end of the old year and a welcome new year.

The last days in jail using the names of the offender were used in 7 places of detention - 1

New Year's Eve is the biggest food for prisoners.

But even deprivation of liberty may become special if the prisoner and the prisoner work together. I noticed this in the last place of imprisonment where I stayed before I released Forrest City (Arkansas, USA).

The life of prisons was tiny and harsh, or the cold-blooded taxa or those sentenced to life without a day would need a little new year's spirit. It helps to calm your mood by allowing each person to relax and look forward to the best things.

We also have a small bag in prison and the day of receiving the gift is considered a great event of the year. The beautiful bag contains only peanut butter candies, chocolate candies, honey cake, cookies, but these are items that you don't often have.

As soon as the guards have delivered the prisoners through the cell door, you will immediately notice a lively atmosphere, such as the New York Stock Exchange. People exchange and purchase their shopping bags. I even saw prisoners exchanging hidden cigarettes or drugs to get a "New Year's bag". It has become the currency of the prison. Everyone wants to buy a lot of bags with the hope of a better year.

Optimism and hope period

The New Year's Dinner is the biggest annual meal with much richer food than usual, even some wines. During this time, people both eat and sing, congratulate each other and dream about the time when they will enjoy the real world evening.

There will be many more events such as chess and other entertainment. To participate in the event, prisoners had to work many days in advance. At the end of the year, the atmosphere in prison becomes more exciting thanks to it.

At the last prison I stayed at Christmas, we were allowed to prepare and decorate our cell with a cardboard Christmas tree, put a sock on the fireplace with a lid hard. In addition, we made paper snowflakes and hung on the ceiling, putting the stars and Santa on the wall.

The end of the year in prison is not the same as in the real world, but it makes prisoners feel happy during the holidays. These days of imprisonment are an unforgettable time in my life as well as many other prisoners. It has gradually changed the thinking of many prisoners. From pessimism, courage, prejudice or confusion with acceptance, optimism and hope.

Dissatisfied with two prisoners, prison staff paid a high price.

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