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Another 9 people attacked the Phan Ri police station

On November 29, Bac Binh District People's Committee (Binh Thuan Province) sentenced Duong Van Ngoan to 5 years in prison. Stop public order. In the same payment, eight other defendants were sentenced to 3 to 3 years and 6 months in prison.

This is the third trial of disturbance in the Phan Ri area. Previously, 25 people were convicted for the same payment.

9 defendants today at the hearing. Image: Phuoc Tuan

9 defendants at the hearing on 29 November. Photo: Huynh

According to the prosecution, on the morning of June 11, many people opposed the Draft Law on specific areas focused on the 1st motorway through Phan Ri Thanh, Bac Binh District, causing severe traffic congestion.

For security and order, the Ministry of National Security had sent nearly 300 police officers to Chapter 25, the K20 Police Department. The local authorities use speaker propaganda to dissipate the crowd, but failed.

Some have thoroughly used sticks, bricks, stones, home-made gas bombs to attack police forces. When the police fires are taken to the Phan Ri fire station, Ngoans and many others are encouraged.

People caused many cars, destroyed many properties, fire protection items. This incident caused 25 injured mercenaries; 12 dedicated cars burned; 18 motorcycles and many other assets, which lost almost 12 billion losses. In addition, Traffic Highway 1 is paralyzed for 6 hours.

One of the defendants got into the car after the trial. Photo: Huynh

Duong Van Ngoan, the highest judge, entered the car after trial. Photo: Huynh

During the trial, defendants recognize their criminal offenses and want to reduce the punishment, return to work early, take care of the family. The expert group found that the first offenders, good people, low-level participants in the training would have considered mitigating circumstances.

In this case, some people have behavior Destruction of property against an employer will be tried later.

Prior to that, Binh Thuan was sentenced four times, imprisoning over 60 persecutors 10 and 11/6 of Phan Ri and Phan Thiet.


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