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"AFF Cup's successful goddess" Myanmar

Wednesday, July 14, 2011 00:15 (GMT + 7)

Myanmar plays an AFF Cup 2018 game with excellent results, a great victory in Cambodia 4-1. And this game was noticed by the strange name – "hot girl" Tay Zar Ko Ko.

At the sitting in the Mandalar Thir Stadium to watch the game between Myanmar and Cambodia, Tay Zar Ko What is still enough to attract admirers to admiring. Two pictures of this beautiful girl were Southeast Asian football fans who were looking for their owner. And it was not disappointed.

Lovers of

Photos posted on Facebook's personal Facebook page

Within 24 hours of the game, Southeast Asian netizens claimed from which country it was beautiful. It is also discussed that Zar Ko Ko is actually Myanmar or the Japanese. Thinking and valuable angles prevent people from stopping their searches. And then, Myanmar's "hot girl's ten thousand people" found their personal Facebook page, as they said, it's Zar Ko Ko.

Right after one night, Zar Ko Ko became a hot keyword in social networks, not just in Myanmar, but throughout South East Asia as well. The Tay Trang What's the personal page of the night received almost 80,000 followers. Even a girl from the Asian Fox Sport newspaper has been reported.

Netizens "tracks" Facebook personal Facebook

And then all the new reasons why Zar Ko Ko know how to highlight their beauty. This girl lives in Mandana, the second largest city in Myanmar, and is a famous makeup artist.

In addition, Zar Ko Ko is a great football fan and always cheer on the Myanmar competition, especially in the 2018 AFF Cup. Some fans called them the "goddess" of luck "Myanmar, so it's very likely that on November 20th in Vietnam via phone to Myanmar, Tay Zar Ko Ko will again present and invigorate Myanmar.

AFF Cup 2018:

Aung Thu played better in the next game, especially in Vietnam's phone reception.

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