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A young man grabbed his hair, broke a bag on his girlfriend's head and explained: "It's a lie" -News


Seeing that people were missing, the boy stopped his hand, left his girlfriend and tried to explain: "It's a lie."

Recently, the social network circulates a male hair scene that fascinate the street with a beautiful young woman who changes. Accordingly, the couple seems to be in contradiction with the earlier, so the girl constantly seized and fought with her boyfriend.

Due to the torn shirt pulled, the boy urgently fell in love and yelled loudly: "Put your hands still. Even though it did, the girl did not stop. At this point, there are many curious road people standing.

Immediately after he was unable to withstand, the young man immediately grabbed her hair, put the girl's head on the street, and then pulled them back and forth.

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The young man grabbed his hair, drove the girl down the street, and then took his head and back. (Photo Beat.vn)

Seeing the girl being attacked, people approached her. Then the young man stopped and explained: "It's a lie," and he lifted the objects that were loose on the street and dropped them out of the bag.

It is known that the incident occurred after 7 September in the afternoon Yen Lang (Dong Da, Hanoi).

Immediately after publishing, the clip attracted the attention of the online community with opinions and comments. Everyone is outrageous before his girlfriend's spitting behavior.

"I do not know what the couple said for some reason, but it's a place to control emotions. You should calmly solve all things, but do not" put the viewer back "like this.

"I can not accept blows, ladies' verbal misuse. I feel so violent and breaking the law," called Bui Ha's commentary.

In addition to defending a woman, some people blamed the rebels and claimed that the girl was a fighting "trigger".

Speaking with us, police spokeswoman Thinh Quang Ward and Lang Ha (Dong Da, Hanoi) said that both units had not received reports of an incident.

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