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A year after leaving Nhat Linh, the family received a girl named Binh An


Four months after the suspect's murder court, Le Thi Nhat Linh, her parents are still struggling to forget the pain of losing their children to return to their daily lives. Earlier, at a hearing on 6 July 1818, the Chiba Prefectural Court issued the final sentence of Yasumasa Shibuya's sentence on life imprisonment. This judgment gave the families of the victims a strong protest.

After more than a year of fighting to regain the justice of the child, the child's Nhat Linh family is economically, physically and mentally emptied. His parents are Mr Hao and Ms Nguyen are trying to brighten up because they do not want her daughter to go to court.

Nhat Linh's case was murdered, shocking public opinion in Vietnam and Japan.

There are plenty of sweat and tears during a complicated journey, but Hao and Nguyen are also very pleased, this is a new member's appearance. Ms. Nguyen gave birth to a baby girl on April 2, 1818, one year after the family brought Nhat Linh to Vietnam. This girl is named very important: Binh An.

"4/4/2017 is the day of pain, the darkest mother life associated with the drain. Nhat Linh. After a year, 04/04/2014, the child came to the world, come to his family. I wish you peace as your name, lives instead of a sister and helps her make endless dreams, "she shared Nguyen with her personal Facebook page.

Binh An was born on 4/4/2014.

Sister Nguyen also said that Binh An is a very flexible girl. She had almost lost her baby because the placenta was peeled, but then both the mother and her daughter fought angry. Then she was born on a special day – about 1 year, when her sister in Japan forever.

Little You are very loving and close to your sister …

"I will not do anything more, I only hope that when you get up, I will become a healthy girl and your sister and live in my work, which my parents determined for me," she added to Nguyen with her youngest daughter.

Ms Nguyen also said that you, a 4 year old boy, loves his sister. Wherever he goes, he will pay attention to you. Ping Soft care as the Japanese care for it. That is why Mrs Nguyen and Mr Hao felt very happy and happy.

Just like her sister Nhat Linh loved You.

Childbirth A child is a valuable spiritual gift to motivate and calm the pain of the loss of Nguyen and Anh Hao's children. "My mother's life is so bad and so much that my family will be happy forever, I hope all darkness will end here."

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