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A good teacher works from public school to private school Education


When the "golden seeds" also leaped

1st place in schools (public sector) 1st place in public schools in Ho Chi Minh City is not a small dream for many teachers. Therefore, the teacher H.L.T, a junior high school teacher, decided to "move from government schools to private schools, it takes almost a year to think, think and hesitate." After he carried out the necessary procedures with the school, Mr. T. went silently without seeking anger with his students. At the beginning of the school, young teachers know that they are no longer in school, many of the first district students in the district called the "blame".

Student student is nostalgic as teacher T. is a new teacher, personality and dared to innovate, dare to commit, constantly creative. It is a teacher who, along with students, makes literary projects in the form of people, "escape" from the book, learning real experiences, such as a story about you, a call from the sea. Also referred to the project, Ho Chi Minh City Teacher and other provinces have been used by a teacher H. L.T. a learning model to help students actively learn. Many colleagues have not only the "spread of fire", where a school in which the teacher sees him as "golden seed" at work.

Before attending the Australian Master's Degree in Chemistry, V.V.V studied at prestigious secondary school in area 10. As soon as the graduation returned to the country, thinking about teaching the state school in order to stabilize the work, there are conditions for family care, two years ago, VV applied for admission to Le Hon Hunfa Higher Education Institution. VV has passed a test with a high score, and after the interview and study exam assessment recruitment committee. At that time, many recruitment committee members predicted that new teachers from prestigious schools across the country would pursue their careers. But lastly, Mrs. V "broke" just before the new school year due to future plans. The reason, according to VV, is "although the state school is stable, but does not guarantee other conditions."

"Bleeding is ever heavier"

Huynh Thanh Dat, Director of the University, said at a meeting with the delegation of the Department of Economics at the Hooshima City National University, on 10 October. The worry is that the "bleeding" gray matter is increasing from the public to the private sector. Mr Dats said that the State University of Ho Chi Minh City also falls into this situation. It should be noted that this phenomenon occurs not only in retirement, but also in the new workforce.

"I think partly because of the lack of resources in private schools, and if resources are not better, the" brain drain "will deteriorate. It would be a pity if state schools do not sustain this force," said Dat.

Professor Tran Thien Phuc, school professor at Hochimin city Polytechnic University, said that he had worked as a manager for about eight years, and some dozens of faculties moved to private schools. Many of them, before they were lecturers, and when they were transferred to private schools, were department heads, department heads and many administrators.

Former director of the university, HCM City, said that there are 5 people in the five-year term who are applying for leave to move to work in other schools. Not to mention the number of applications to study abroad and then find a way to stay abroad. They are primarily natural sciences faculty that are highly qualified and competent.

Private hunting campaign

Currently, private schools, especially those with financial conditions, have set up many policies to attract and train teachers, manage prestigious specialist schools and qualifications.

Last year, people in the Ho Chi Minh City Education Area were not surprised and "shaken" before 3 deputy directors and 4 teachers in elementary school, city high school, to go to private schools. Among them was the winner of the first prize for innovative teachers honored at the World Education Forum held in the United States and inspired teachers to innovate in teaching methods and global capabilities. Also in this school year, some private schools have been invited to work for dynamic high school students with innovative ideas in an inner city. However, this intention has not been implemented, as the people responsible for the organization of local employees have exchanged ideas about the "preservation" of the teacher.

A Teacher of Teachers at Teachers' School with a Teachers' Jump 'said: "Teachers have completed more than 10 years, taught both sessions, increase the whole week with a total income of about 6 million a month. Although private schools are subject to income tax regimes four times and with other options, there is It's hard to follow, because it's clearly not possible to meet these conditions. "


Public schools can not meet their needs

"I never thought that I could teach public or private schools. Teaching in public or private schools does not affect prestige, professional competence … First of all, work with good work. Therefore, if a school can not feed and satisfy its needs, the family can not create all the conditions which allows me to develop … then I decide to go to a private school – an international orientation. "

Teacher H.L.T (HCMC)

Low wages do not guarantee life

"After four years, I moved from a public school to an international school because the state education income was not enough to cover my life. With a master's degree, income is only 4.1 million dongs per month. If you work hard, you can earn over 2 million dong for one semester. Low wages can not guarantee life. "

Former Ho Chi Minh City Lecturer in Social Sciences and Humanities


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