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5 years to dare to apply for the New Year, my father said a sentence that offended me – New friend


Saturday, February 2, 2019 00:08 AM (GMT + 7)

It was just up to Tet that I had a hard time getting married.

5 years to dare to apply for the New Year, my father said a sentence that struck me - 1

For five years she has not been able to return to Tet (photo illustration).

Tet is the day when the family is gathering around the cozy tray, the day when the children are happy when they get the lucky money, the day when friends and relatives meet, hand pressing on to ask for a year.

But for girls who are married far, Tet is not so happy. After having fun with their husband's family, they are sorry for the house.

Mrs Thanh (32-year-old accountant, village of Hai Phong) did not expect to return home to her husband's house when she was parting with her mother Tet. She married Vinh Phuc, more than a hundred kilometers away. Not a way too far, nor a lack of travel conditions, but 5 years ago she hadn't been able to return home to Tet's holidays.

She and her husband are working as accountants in Huong Canh, buying land to build a house there. Grandparents lived with a couple and a second son, both sisters married the village, so the house was always overcrowded.

Since she had her own house, she and her husband often go home to celebrate Teta with her grandparents in 30th and 1st place, then return home to 2nd place. This was obvious, but her parents always tried to prevent their children from returning home.

In the first year, her father was the reason she was a young bride, she had to stay at home to introduce her relatives, and she could return to Hai Phong on Day 5 of the New Year. Tet, Tet was over. The reason for the second and third year is that she chose a pumpkin and small children and recommended the couple to avoid walking. During the year she and her son had to go home to Tet within a few days, only her husband went out to send the ceremony and left.

Every New Year she also wants a Tet holiday for parents with a short phone call and then tears. Her parents were born 4 daughters, 3 married to the village but still cared for the family, and they were enthusiastic about them so they couldn't get the New Year's Eve with their parents. And she's married far …

Last year, children grew up, they could buy their cars, so she "risked" asking her father to come back to Tet. She knows that it is very difficult because, as the couple has their own house, her father has understood carefully: "The second time we return to Huong Canh, but we go anywhere and do whatever it takes to ask for permission. Don't let me go down to play and see the house shut down and take each other to their advantage."

Certainly, but until December 24, when Tet's holidays were ready for her husband's house and donated 10 million grandparents, she dared to talk. Anyone who wanted his father to fall apart again, as his father just said, said: "From this house children and grandchildren do not have rice without rice, and they have to go to eat and eat while eating other houses."

“I never dared to forget this day, my father collapsed, my brother and sister-mother were sitting on the bed. I couldn't help but cry. What house is another house? It's my parents 'house, my grandparents' house. This life has nothing to do with marrying a daughter to leave Tet's vacation, ” warm sister.

But the sky did not cover the earth, the earth was in heaven, and she still had to be happy to welcome her husband, Tet. Looking at her parents with her children, she is surrounded by New Year's Eve, thinking of her parents, she was so divided into heart.

Parents still have tangled phone calls. Still convincing the words: "My parents are good, my grandchildren will come home tomorrow. I'm busy with work, after Teta, I'll be able to sort it out." But on this New Year's Eve she was very sad because she knew Tet after was impossible appointment.

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