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30 years of college-level training

Many students from the central nursery school I teaching college cradle have become successful and have become great administrators and teachers who always contribute to talent, her confidence in the development of education in the country.

Driving stamp

On May 28, 1988, according to the Decree of the Ministerial Council No. 93 / HDBT established the Central Kindergarten Teachers' Training College, which was based on the unification and integration of the Central Kindergarten Teacher Education School founded in 1963) and the New School Students of the Central School (founded in 1972). Subsequently, in Decision No 509 / QD-BGDDT The Ministry of Education and Training decided to rename the Teacher's College Kindergarten – Nursery at Central Teacher's College I at the Central College of Teachers

With 30 years of college education, the Central Teachers' College has trained tens of thousands of teachers and staff in the education sector. University staff have always confirmed the quality of teaching schools by doing many jobs in agencies and organizations across the country. The great achievement of the generation of staff, teaching staff and students has made the Central Teachers' Training College one of the prestigious and branded schools and has confirmed its place as the main teacher training block. National college education colleges.

Central Teacher Training College.

Central Teacher Training College.

The results achieved by the Central Teachers' Training College over a 30-year drive are approved and created a great attraction. The school has become a trusted address for learners, the education sector and the public. Recognizing the achievements in teaching and research with long traditions, the Central Teachers' Training College is honored to receive the first-class work medal awarded to the Prime Minister by an Emulation Flag; The Minister for Education and Training received many testimonies of merit. In 2017, the school was recognized as the quality standards of the educational institutions of the Ministry of Education and Training.

Try to train high-quality human resources

Beijing secretary Tran Dinh Tuan, school rector, said that the Central Teachers College is trying to train skilled human resources. They have high ability and qualities to meet social demands and international integration. Provide high-quality human resources and specialists for the training sector, especially for early childhood and special education sectors.

The university has always met three parallel tasks: training, promotion and research to create a sustainable school, always endorsing the brand in the field of education; meet the requirements of standardization, modernization, socialization in the market economy and international integration.

In the future, the school will continue to implement a plan to improve the school to become a pre-school education university / institute, to train pre-school teachers and some artistic and social … There is a university diploma, capable, qualified and devoted to tasks that meet social needs and meet education quality standards, taking into account socio-economic conditions in line with standardization and modernization. Mounting

PGS Tran Dinh Tuan, party secretary, rector of the school.

PGS Tran Dinh Tuan, party secretary, rector of the school.

For more than 55 years of continuous multi-generation efforts, the Central Teachers' College has proven its prestige and place in the university and college system throughout the country. With a highly qualified, experienced, enthusiastic and dedicated team of teachers, the Central Teachers' College has become a major training area. Implementing a high-quality kindergarten teacher class for the whole country. There are currently 558 staff, including 1 associate professor, 22 doctors, 190 masters, 243 universities, 59 colleges and 61 other science bachelors. studying doctoral student 21; University graduate: 11.

In terms of material opportunities, in recent years, the state's contribution to the Ministry of Education and Training under close supervision and school staff efforts in planning and investing, School equipment is expanding and evolving in terms of size and quality.

Creation, innovation, brand statement

Looking at 30 years of college education in the traditional 55th year of the Central Teachers' Education College, in order to improve the quality of teaching, the school continues to promote the role, dynamism and creativity of the party. from entities and mass organizations to promote the work of political ideological education, making all staff, teachers, students, students understand the mission, vision, understanding the value of the school's core in the new phase, in order to jointly establish a Central Teachers' Training College.

Consolidate management hardware to streamline and efficiently by restoring management to the university administration; to create a good culture, professional culture, to create a friendly environment for activities.

In terms of quality and scale, team planning meets the school's development requirements by 2030. Continue training and improve staff and teacher levels by applying policies to support cadres in order to train, promote and promote research results, participate in conferences, national and international scientific conferences.

To implement the mechanism of self-reliance and self-reliance, policies should be developed to attract and employ highly skilled workers in this area. Use human resources efficiently and effectively. Restore teaching content and methods by updating textbooks, learning resources through information technology in the learning process.

Keep strength and sectoral training in order to meet social needs, thus improving the direction of increasing research content. Promote professional co-operation with educational institutions and foreign organizations to enhance the prestige and brand of the school.

Typically, kindergartens should strive to become mainstream schools in Hanoi and all country pre-school institutions.

Effectively implement the Financial Autonomy Mechanism; manage and use financial resources, equipment in accordance with the rules. Diversification of sales revenue, ranging from training services and research, joint training, project, program, training agreements with sectors, places, national and international organizations to improve school conditions. Improve equipment by effectively using existing equipment and equipment.

To write the 30-year-old yellow pages and continue the traditional 55-year-old fire of the Central Teachers' Training College, confident, creative, actively involved in the new phase of school history, all staff teachers, staff, students and students always respect the spirit of solidarity, promote the responsibility of each individual, promote basic values; Active, tectonic innovation that promotes school building and development. Gradually build prestige, confirm the brand name, put the Central Pedagogical University new heights, align with national, regional and international educational institutions.

The Central Teachers' Training College honored to receive the first-class medal in 2008, which the Prime Minister awarded the simulation flag; The Minister for Education and Training received many testimonies of merit. In 2017, the school was recognized as the quality standard of the Ministry of Education and Training.

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