Friday , March 5 2021

When they turn into a lagoon, two children disappear

Caicara del Orinoco. Police authorities were warned about the disappearance of two minors in the waters of the Orinoco River. An accident in which he worked on a boat where children from the 2nd and 4th year in the 14-year-old brother and his parents' community held the Laguna Simón Bolívar municipality of Cedeño this Monday afternoon.

Bolivar State Police (PEB) officials assigned to the Manuel Cedeño Police Station traveled to the La Laguna Sector to verify their informants.

Several witnesses pointed to the incident at this place. Fernando Alvarec, the minor's father, testified that they were going to the cirial at their place of residence; but "the current was so powerful that it canceled the boat."

In the midst of desperation, he tried to help the entire family group. The first thing he saw was his wife, then his 14-year-old son, and he continued to release them from the water.

How much he looked for his other children, he did not find it. After the rescue, the man asked the company to continue the search. Search As rescue services were informed about it, they went.

Civil protection (PC), municipal fire brigades and PEB members work together to find babies. Work stopped at night, but from the second morning on Tuesday, the rescuers returned to the waters to continue the process.

Until the end of this edition there was no meeting with the brothers. La Laguna residents are constantly looking for relatives and security personnel.

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