Monday , March 1 2021

WhatsApp will delete messages that are not stored in Google Drive

AND- WhatsApp An online messenger platform recognized worldwide will clear data that does not have a backup of this kind of content this Monday. To drive , after signing the contract with google which was announced last August.

This agreement allows users to save Copy data using the Google Drive Tool, without the space limit and with the ability to transfer it later between different Android devices. That way it will be easier save conversations and move themsuch as a new smartphone when a user changes a mobile device.

The company will permanently delete all messages as well as media files that do not execute the corresponding backup using the drive, although each device can also save it if it is configured. local copy in file format.

Android users can Update your copyif they have a personal Google Account using the settings menu by clicking on the backup section and also specifying it Frequency with which you want to save it to the Drive folder.

For the iPhone users, the company has already signed an agreement with Apple that allows its customers to keep their chat content using iCloud service. WhatsApp is the most popular application in the world, as it is estimated that it is About 1500 million users.


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