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What's next for Robinson Cano and Felix Hernandez Mariner? | AL BAT

It's true Jerry Dipoto spoke with other teams about the possibility of being transferred to Dominican Republic Robinson Cano. This is not a surprise given that Seamen he acknowledged on the first day of the first day that he wanted to change any movement to transform Seattle and put the team in a better position to fight in the next two or three years.

Dipoto he has clearly shown that no player is inviolable, although he has also emphasized that he should receive huge offers to get rid of new stars, such as Puerto Rico closer Edwin Dys, Mitch Haniger and Marco Gonzales. These players represent the core in which Dipoto wants to create a team.

And that's why Canó, Venezuela's Felix Hernandez and Nelson Cruz soon could be ex-seamen.

Obviously, Dipoto has already decided to move ahead without Cruz, who, after age 38, is the best-nominated player in the free-agent market. Canó and Hernández are still on the Seamen List, and both are available in exchanges, although they have warnings. Or more than that, huge contracts.

Although Hernandez's name has not sounded as much as the rumors of Cano's change, Seamen would not hesitate if she were to take responsibility for the part of the $ 27 million to pay 32-year-olds in favor of the right. the age of your contract last year.

The same can be said about Canó, who is currently more valuable than Hernandes, but which also includes long-term economic commitments, since he has five years and $ 120 million has remained for his 10-year contract and $ 240 million.

Dipot talks about Cano with other teams, including Mets and Yankees, are in talks, although movement does not seem to be imminent.

But Dipoto is not afraid to move the chips, since he has since taken the seaman's horses after the 2015 campaign has made 82 changes in 38 months. This month, there were two of his most influential movements, in which he sent James Paxton Yankees and Mike Zunino to the Rays compromises, indicating more for 2021 and 2022 than next season.

Therefore, Hernandez can be transferred, although the remuneration is minimal. The homeland of Valencia, who for a long time been the face of the franchise, temporarily lost his job during the rotation in August until Paxton's injury allowed him to join again. But after registering on the 8th-14th And the 5.55 ERA record in 2018, it's unclear that Hernandez has the opportunity to return to serve as a starter, and less – in a team that is trying to re-focus on the future.

As he has been in the biggest league in more than 10 seasons and the last five have been in the same team, Hernandez would have the right to refuse any changes. But, given his desire to continue to kick-start as a starter and first reach the positions in his career, it's hard to imagine that he will reject the opportunity to join another team.

Seamen might be willing to participate in Hernandez, without requiring a lot of return, given performance and good remuneration. The case of Cano is different, because last year dominoan was produced with wood at age 35. Although he lost 80 games due to the doping stop, San Pedro de Macoris natives had an average of 0.303 with 10 homers and 50 RBIs. After returning from a standstill, he reached .317 with six Hummer and 27 games in 41 games.

Although Seafarers want to get out of the Cano contract, they also do not hesitate to lose offensive production. The young man led the team as a percentage of the base in 2018, finally second in the second place (one point) behind his compatriot Jean-Segur's average batting and the third after the cruise and Hanigera workout.

Since he has five years left in his contract, Cano could be part of the base built by Dipoto, especially if the veteran is ready to move from second to first base or serve as a designated hitter.

Therefore, it is reported that seamen could include Diaz or a perspective on Kyle Lewis in a Cano package to persuade a team like the Yankees or the Mets to take Dominicans do not seem to understand Dipot's intentions.

Mariners are not desperate to get rid of Cano, and will not take Diaz or Lewis to simply cut their wages.

Dipoto, of course, will hear all the offers, and his baseball team is somewhat unconventional. But any exchange with Cano will be done with the idea of ​​adding to the future, rather than just taking it away.

The fact is the ability to create economic flexibility for the future, so Dipoto will have to decide what part of the Cano contract he wants to include. The more money the team is willing to pay to Cano, the fewer the chances of giving in exchange for a veteran.

When it comes to the Cano player and such a huge contract, any trade can be complicated. So now they are talking and nothing more.

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