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Two judges retained the vote for Guaido

January 31, 2019 01:45 AM

The Magistrates, Marisela Godoy and Danilo Mojica, were the only ones who did not endorse what the Supreme Court had decided against Juan Guaido on Tuesday. MaJel Moreno, president of the TSJ, announced on Tuesday that he took the precautionary measures requested by William Saab.

In this regard, the ban on leaving the country at Juan Guaidó was strict; he must not encumber or dispose of his assets, and his bank accounts were blocked. The judges claim that Moreno's decision was taken without debate, and only six hours after Tareck, William Saab, acting as Attorney General, formally requested. Magistrates who kept their vote reported their decision via social network Twitter.

"I went today to the full Chamber of the TSJ on the grounds that the judges did not discuss the precautionary measures requested by the Prosecutor General against Guaidó, preventing the legal expression of the rights. , "Godoy wrote, and the judge retained his vote because he could not express his opinion on the issue under discussion.

Mojicai Sala The Plenary decision contravenes Articles 99 and 102 of the EC Treaty The law higher court. The first rule relates to the procedure to be followed to familiarize yourself with an object in one of the rooms of the TSJ that takes place when appointing a Judge-Rapporteur. Appointment must be made within three days of acceptance of the case. The second relates to the fact that the Designator must submit a draft judgment. None of these measures was taken with regard to the request for precautionary measures against Juan Guaido.

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