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Trapper's mother Kevin Freta knows who killed her son

Parents and brothers of Kevin Freta, the finder of the dead rag talked in an exclusive interview with the program "First Impact" (Univisión).

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Steven Frett said his brother, who had been killed in Santurce three weeks ago, had "treasures" on his mobile phone.

"Kevin had a treasure for his cell phone, he had secrets that no one wanted to see, even maybe he even had secrets that neither me nor her [su hermana] We knew that he knew nothing more about the person there was, ”Steven said.

At the same time, Hilde Rodriguez, Freta's childbirth, claimed her son was not expelled by the city exhibitor Juan Carlos Ozuna Rosado, known as Ozuna, for a clear video that was a virus last week.

"If you know me and you give me money, you tell me that you give me money, or is there any extortion?" There was no extortion, nothing, living in a double life is the worst thing in the world. in the world because you will never be calm with your conscience. "

The woman added that she had a bad feeling when a young man left Puerto Rico to spend a Christmas holiday.

“The Lord had told me in a dream that they had contacted him to kill him [a Puerto Rico]. Even, the day before [del asesinato], on Wednesday I told him, "Come here today, get out of there." "

As a reason for Kevin's death, his mother said he knew why he had been killed. "What happened, I know what happened, but I really don't want to touch this point."

"If I know who did it, then I ask the Lord for grace, because it does not leave a man and I just wait and ask the Lord not to leave him only with his conscience," added Hilda Rodríguez.

Freta's brothers admitted that they were afraid to return to the island because they thought their life was in danger.

"Partly because you don't know what people have in mind," said Doran Frets.

Meanwhile, Steven said he was not afraid. "Fear that my parents and my sister are suffering".

The deceased ragman's father, who was openly homosexual, said: "The only thing I can say is that we support the hands of Heavenly Father, and time proves to us".

In addition, he said that his son was "not on the wrong track" and that he was "loyal."

The remnants of the new artist were moved to the state of Massachusetts and his funeral will be this week.

The family also said they would soon release the music video produced by Kevin Frets.

Kevin Frets was killed already on January 10 in Santurce. It was killed by a stranger who gave him eight shots in different parts of his body.

Ozuna reguetonero in an interview with "La Comay" (Mega TV) said it had nothing to do with violent death.

"I did not send Kevin Frett to death, Jesus knows he is there and sees everything. The public knows it, the police know I am not related to anything related to it," said the singer interviewed by Silvia Hernández.

"They are speculating on some things because you know that people like to talk about social networks, it is something common and common, but they are not related to Kevin Fret's case, my lawyers are there, we are at our disposal as institutions you know, there is nothing hidden, "he added.

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