Thursday , March 30 2023

Toto "Africa" ​​will play forever in the African desert (VIDEO)


The German-Namibian artist claims that he has managed to make the popular song eternal "Africa" that American group Toto with great success in 1982.

For this purpose, Max Siedentopf created a sound installation in the Namibian desert in Namibia, thanks to solar cells, he can "keep Toto forever."

In his installation, which was baptized as "Toto Forever", he added six speakers to an MP3 player with only the "Africa" ​​song in his memory. The device is configured Play this one themed loopThis means that the music will continue to play at least in theory forever.

"Most parts of the installation were selected as long as possible"Siedentopf said," But I am convinced that the desert harsh environment over time destroys the installation, "he added.

Recently, this 'hit' of the 80s was a Unexpected recovery After becoming a hero of the mummy series and thanks to the version made by the California group Weezer at the request of his followers, he publishes the Rolling Stone.

In 2017, Africa became one of the most broadcast songs in the UK, and its official video has already accumulated over 440 million views.

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