Monday , March 1 2021

Time | World | Internet failures are managed by Google services

The incident against Google was ranked as the worst thing the company saw / Photo: AP

The Internet redirection that drives data traffic to Russia and China on Monday affected several Google services, including search and storage in the cloud.

Service breaks lasted almost two hours and ended around at noon. At 5:30 in the afternoon, the Eastern Network network monitoring companies in the US network said. In addition to the Russian and Chinese telecommunications companies, a Nigerian Internet Service Provider was also involved.

On Monday, Google confirmed errors on its network status page, but only said it was "outside of Google." Company did not submit any additional comments.

The method used, known as the IP Address Assault (BPG), may exclude the most important services and facilitate espionage and financial theft. Most of the traffic on the Google Network – 94% by October 27th – is encrypted to protect against spyware.

Alex Henthorn-Iwane, Managing Director of the Millennium Network and Intelligence Company, said that this is the worst incident against Google that his company has seen.

He said he suspected the possible involvement of a national state, as the traffic was effectively located at China Telecom, managed by the Chinese government. A recent study by US experts Naval War College and Tel Aviv University point out that China systematically attacks and diverts Internet traffic from the United States.

Most of the internet's principles are based on trust, a relic of designers who embraced the good intentions of users. One of the consequences is that you can not do much if a nation-state or someone with access to a large internet service provider decides to redirect traffic.

Henthorns-Ivane said that this case could be a proof of the possibility of theft.

In the two recent cases, similar referrals were affected by financial sites. In April 2017, one of them was affected by Mastercard, Visa and other sites. In April last year, another kidnapping facilitated the theft of digital coins.

The Department of Homeland Security responded promptly to a comment request.

Online companies China Telecom, the Russian Internet service provider Transtelecom and the Nigerian Internet service provider, MainOne, have recognized companies involved in the incident on Monday.



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