Friday , January 28 2022

"They were fired for a media show"


Maduro for officials arrested by Guaidó: "They were fired for a media show"

President of the Republic Nicolás Maduro described Monday as a "media show" during the arrest of President Juan Guaidó.

In his annual report to the National Constituent Assembly, he stressed that the Sebina officials who practiced arrest were refused and sanctioned and left without an hour after Sunday.

"Like the evening, looking at Sebina's corrupt and treacherous cooperation," Maduro said.

"What a coincidence, a perfectly oriented and measured camera, an ideal, professional camera that takes a moment when opposition leader Juan Guaidó (…) says the North American television (…) team retained a strange act.

"Immediately, I learned what they had done, ordered them to be subjected to disciplinary action, transferred them to the prosecutor's office and released them from media lending that is contrary to national interests and that I will handle any official who surrenders a public oath and any official, who lend himself, irrespective of who he is, the betrayal of the hands of the iron, ”said the head of state.

He affirmed that the opposition was "subject to the orders of the Washington and Colombian oligarchs."

"My authority is the legitimacy of all people, and we have fulfilled a democratic cycle," said Nicolás Maduro.

In the past, he had announced his arrival at the ANC, where he expected economic announcements.

"Today I will present my authorized representative to the National Assembly, the 2018 Balance Sheet and the 2019-2025 Annual Plan, which will become the constitutional law of the Republic, and I will make important statements within the framework of the Economic Recovery Program. Waiting!" Head of State.

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