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They launch a Latin virtual store that accepts payments with Lightning Network CryptoNews

In Latin, a Latin American initiative using a network of payment channels for the Lightning Network (LN) was recently launched. It is a virtual shop offering goods and services and receiving payments only through LN.

The siteidentified as Clobig Storesaims to bring Latin American users closer to digital purchases via satoshi. It was launched by a team established in Colombia, although some members are also based in Spain.

CriptoNoticias spoke to one of the developers, Javier Varg, who said that this idea was a natural response to there is no way to make payments with satoshis Spanish speaking market. Everyday use Bitcoin limited transactions.

With this in mind, the team set itself the goal of promoting adoption and more widely use cryptocurals in Latin America, for which it considered one of the best options was to use the lightning network.

The lightning network efficiently and safely resolves obstacles to making purchases with satoshis, and so we wanted users to buy a store with the goods they're used to, including a shopping cart that also allows payments with a small amount of bitcoins using this technology.

Javier Vargas, developer

Vargas adds that site payments are made through a processor self-developmentbased on free software developed by the team. They use the WordPress platform to implement the LND node (Lightning Network Demon). This way, a plugin is executed to enable the mechanism and process payments on the site.

The virtual store offers the public a digital safe guarded to send satoshi to users who do not have an LN wallet. It works by sending a satos to the user's own bitcoin address, from which the purchase amount will be discounted.

Until now, there are few products for sale, mostly typical elements used to promote Bitcoin, such as caps, stickers, t-shirts and coins. They also publish guidelines and advice in Spanish on the lightning network created by developers with the Spanish-speaking community, according to Varga. Satoshi readers can reward these materials.

Latin America grows interest in LN

The developer notes that the Hispanic community expresses many desires to learn and associate with LN, "something that has grown and believes it will continue to grow direct." Emphasizes that this interest has also been proven. T. Localbitcoins, which shows Latin America as one of the regions with the greatest use of Bitcoin, leading Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil.

In this way, the lightning network continues to expand. Worldwide, more and more use, where the network helps people buy food online, pays taxi rides, publishes videos on social networks and even feeds animals.

Built on Bitcoin, LN is a decentralized system micro-payments with large volumes that allow them to be processed almost instantaneously, from the second layer of payment channels and routing outside the main chain.

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