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They encircle Andres Velásquez at his place of residence


November 7, 2018 at noon 19.48
Updated 7 November 2008 at 20:04

Américo De Grazia, deputy National Assembly (AN), said on Wednesday that officials from the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (Sebina) are near the residence of opposition leader Andrés Velásquez.

Parliament explained that there are three Seben vehicles at this location.

"At 07:24, Andres Velásquez is in his residence in Ciudad Guayana with three Sebina cars," De Grazia posted on Twitter.

The opposition leader also commented that the persecution against Velásquez and his personality is the death penalty they have taken against the government of Nikola Maduro for "surrendering to national wealth and subjugation to terrorism."

"Maduro does not belong to the state of surrender to terrorism, mafia, robbery, so this moment, Andres Velásquez, is the subject of his siege, his" crime "is Guayana's defense," he added. .

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