Tuesday , June 6 2023

The terrible discovery of "Don Ramon" before his death [VÍDEO] | Messages from Salvador


Ramón Valdés, an actor loved by great boys and boys, died 30 years ago due to his role in Don Ramon El Chavo del 8. However, during the last days of his death, chilling information from gastric cancer brought him before his 65th birthday was discovered. In a televised interview, Carlos Villagrán, the actor who played for Kiko, said it was the last place where Valdés spoke.

The recording was scheduled for the cycle ¡Ah, qué Kiko !, hosted on Venezuelan TV, and was held on August 19, 1988, just a year before the tragedy. In this show, Don Ramon goes to Kiku Night Cemetery, who drove away from betting with a friend.

"In the last movie he shot, he appears in the middle of the mud, walking back to the camera at the cemetery door," explained Villagrán. In the middle of the movie, the director called the "card se queda" and the actor did not appear in front of the camera over the next twelve months. Although these scenes were never broadcast, YouTube would have a video that matches these images.

Following an excursion in Latin America, the actor was admitted to Mexico and died at the age of 64 years. Awesome aesthetic actors, including his colleagues from El Chavo del 8, took part in his funeral.


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