Friday , October 22 2021

The price of gasoline in Cúcut is rising by $ 31


The ministry's ministry published the fuel reference price 13 major cities to run from this Friday.

In the case of gasoline, it increased by $ 40 to close at $ 9,108, while Acpm rose by $ 44 to $ 6,333 and was $ 6,377.

For Cúcuta, gasoline growth was $ 31. The gallon was $ 7,184 and was $ 7,215.

Cúcuta and Pasto are the lowest reference prices in the country.

Why do they raise prices?

Among the reasons the Ministry used to justify This increase highlights the changes that have occurred in the international oil market in recent weeks, as the barrel reached $ 53 by December 2013 until January 2019, and the ministry explained.

Another reason why the portfolio claimed was an increase in the price of refined products, mainly in the Gulf of the United States, which is Colombia's reference market. As the demand for fuel in this country created a winter wave, it increased by 8% and diesel fuel by 14%.

On the other hand, the price increase was also the last year's consumer price index, which was 3.18% according to Denmark, and it also updates the taxes on gasoline and ACpm in terms of taxes. Country or carbon tax.

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