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The Piranha plant turns into a Super Smash Bros Ultimate fight

From the exit Super Smash Bros Ultimate Last December, all players were waiting for the new characters to arrive in the game DLC, now the first one is available since yesterday Piranha factory who enters the battlefield.

The Piranha factory There are icons for the video game franchise Super Mario Bros. it is therefore quite logical that in the fighting game we see all the names of the big names Nintendo.

To get this character, you just need to get it Super Smash Bros Ultimate Before January 31st, if you buy it in physical format, you only need to exchange your pay points that will give you the game and you will receive an email with home to download it. If you buy it in digital format, the mail will be automatically received.

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Piranha factory is already successful among players who already have their games Smashwhereas its intense gameplay and powerful attacks make this character a challenging opponent, but there are several users reporting bugs and problems in its use mode All-Star.

The arrival of the machine has also eliminated many of the unknowns that the community had before launching, such as: How does it look? Kirby if it is absorbed Piranha factory? Or how are the legs Piranha factory? Now we know that there is a hole under the tube Kirby He looks just as cute with a piranha hat.

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