Friday , June 2 2023

The PDVSA confirms that it deals with defects in thermal power plants


Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), announced on Saturday by its subsidiary, PDVSA Gas, that they will try to resolve the day when the situation, which reduced the "supply side" levels to the Sucre and Nueva Esparta Thermal Power Plants (NE), was reported by AVN.

Plants affected by the accident, which were carried out by the PDVSA Gas Circular in the Sucre State of Santa Fe, in particular the transport system of the Gas Pipeline in the José Francisco Bermúdez Gas Pipeline 36, with regard to the state of Nueva Esparta, thermoelectric plants of Luisa Cáceres de Arismendi and Juan Bautista Arismendi , located respectively in Porlamar City and in the Guamache sector.

They explain that the effect has led to the application of a load management plan that restricts the provision of electrical services, in particular by Nueva Espart; supply, depending on the situation, depends on the submarine cable coming from the mainland.

The PDVSA Gas also stated that work to optimize the supply of this kind of equipment was maintained 24 hours a day, so they appreciated one more day to normalize Sucre and the islands that make up the state of Nueva Espart.

Dante Rivas, a national defender, stressed that "the work on restoring the service was" in a good pace "and indicated that everything was due to the" explosion in the gas pipeline segment "located in Sucre.
He added that it prevented the activation of the above-mentioned plants, which replenished the submarine cable, providing NE with the required demand close to 320 megawatts, and before this condition, which hinders the operation of thermal power plants, they only reach 150 megawatts.

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