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The late Fascism could not have been the impetus of a university

November 14, 2018 at 10:00. 21:20
Updated November 14, 2018, at. 21.26

Pablo Aure, Secretary-General of Carabobo University (UC), on Wednesday announced the winner of a home-based student study.

"Despite the politics of the Policemen Carabobo terrorist criminals, Marlon Diaz became the winner by counting votes. Congratulations!" Aure posted on twitter.

The university professor commented that governor Rafael Lakav's fascism could not win the student impulse.

"Lācava's fascism could not have been with a university impulse who won their bombs, hoods, rifles and guns with brain power and student courage," he said.

The academic institution explained that Díaz managed to get the Carabobo University Student Federation Presidency with 4899 votes.

"The first official ballot bulletin: university and student: the plaque 23 counts 4899 votes. He won the bachelor's degree Marlon Jesús Díaz," he added.

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