Monday , October 3 2022

The Health Observatory urges the government to accept humanitarian assistance to end the shortage


Caracas The Venezuelan Health Observatory (OVS) urged the government to consider international humanitarian assistance to "cut off" food and drug deficits,

Pablo Hernández, NGO professor and nutritionist, said that food began to decline since 2010. "One of the first modifiers was milk, the country's most defective product due to a policy that was wrong because of food chaos," he said in an interview with Union Radio.

He also stressed the need for international cooperation "It's particularly health-friendly, because there is currently no way to produce food or drugs. We need a request for assistance along with the political and public part that allows these products to be produced and put in. They are needed (…) We need a six-month assistance period ".

Hernandez added that the aid should aim directly at seeking food for the population. "We need protein."

On the other hand, he asserted that CLAP "should get lost" because they "products are not qualitative, besides, it's a misnomer policy because people should buy what they want with their money. "

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