Sunday , June 4 2023

The first trip to the Moon's souvenir plate exceeded $ 468,500


The Apollo 11 mission souvenir plate, delivered in the 1969 Moon, was sold at an auction of $ 468,500 in Dallas, Texas, from the personal astronaut Neil Armstrong.

The plate is a moon module that got into the earth's natural satellite on July 20, 1969.

Returning to Earth, it was mounted on a wooden pallet before being offered to Neil Armstrong, the first person to go to the Moon.

The other two astronauts who took part in the Apollo 11 mission, including Edwin Buzz Aldrin and Michael Colin, also received plates.

The two sons of Neil Armstrong, Rick and Mark, decided to distribute his father's important collection, which perished in August 2012 and consisted of more than 2000 objects.

Only part of the collection was completed on Thursday, Friday and Saturday in Dallas, and also online.

Next May and November two more auctions are planned at the Heritage Auction House, which hosted the first one.

The shelf earned more money than the long-awaited piece, an American flag of 45 cm to 29, the largest of the items that was loaded, carried on the mission, but was not lifted to the moon.

The flag was sold for $ 275,000, including expenditure and commissions, which more than tripled the Heritage Valuation at $ 75,000.

Two other anticipated parties were fragments of the Brother Vraite aircraft, whose first flight in December 1903 was considered to be the birth certificate of modern aviation.

These fragments were also transported to Armstrong Apollo 11. They were auctioned at a cost of $ 275,000, nine times the original estimate.

Overall, this first part of Armstrong's collection reflected revenue of $ 5.2 million, Heritage Auctions reported on Sunday.

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