Tuesday , June 6 2023

The first Saturday of this metro was reported to be a major delay


Users of Caracas Metro reported that due to the maintenance activities that the company carried out on the rail between Petare and Palo Verde stations, this service showed a significant delay in the system's first line this Saturday.

Passengers also confirmed that Los Dos Caminos, Los Cortijos and La California stations affected the work done by technical staff.

Los Dos Caminos at Yeniffer Rioja Station said: "I've been waiting for more than an hour and only one train has gone to Palo Verde, others have been working to this station and returned to Propatria."

The user said that "the train has caused the station to be filled up to its maximum capacity, so small trains that continue the normal route are filled up and many have to wait for the next."

Due to train delays, many users opted for surface transport.

The Metro de Caracas company via the social network Twitter has informed that technical staff will replace the heart tracing of Palo Verde songs to increase the speed of trains at this stage.

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