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The Coinbase Wallet adds support to Ethereum Classic

Coinbase has launched support for Ethereum Classic (ETC), according to a statement posted on the company's official blog on November 27th, coinbase wallets, offered by the largest cryptobox in the United States.

Ethereum Classic is the result of a solid bifurcation in 2016, due to the differences in response to the high profile DAO rejection of the Ethereum Blocking Chain (ETH).

In today's blog, it is described that the "next days" should be updated with the Coinbase Wallet application, which allows users to see, send and receive ETCs at their addresses. For permanent Coinbase Portfolio users, your ETC address will be identical to your current ETH address.

In addition to the ETC Coinbase Wallet, it supports storage, sending and receiving ETHs and "over 100,000 ERC20 chips."

As previously reported, Coinbase announced for the first time that it would include Ethereum Classic in its trading platform in June, which resulted in a rapid increase in asset value. Following the launch in early August, ETC also joined the Coinbase Index Foundation.

In August, the Bittrex Wallet and Cryptobolse service added a USD -BTC pair, the same month that Robinhood's CryptoBall Operation Program announced its support for this asset.

According to CoinMarketCap, during this edition, ETC ranks 17th among crypts and market capitalization, with prices of $ 4.30, which has dropped by almost 8 percent per day according to CoinMarketCap.

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