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The ancient giant pandas have not only been fed by bamboo

Unlike giant pandas currently living mountains southwest of China and they eat only from bamboo, your ancestors has already disappeared, probably was diet more diverse, like others mammalsaccording to a study published today (31 January 2019).

"It is widely accepted (belief) that the giant pandas have only fed bamboo for the last two years, but our t results they showed the opposite, ”explained Fuwen Wei of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and author of the paper Current Biology.

To do his research, Fuwen and his team analyzed isotopes no bone collagen modern pandas and fossils 12 ancient pandas collected from seven archaeological sites in southern and southwestern China.

The data comparison showed that the one and the other isotopes were different, indicating differences in their eating habits.

This means that the ancient giant pandas had a varied diet, like others mammals who lived on his side and probably not fed only with bamboo, according to researchers.

In addition, the authors of this study believe that giant pandas eating habits have evolved in two stages.

First they left the creature omnivorous to eat plants and then in the second phase they began to feed only from bamboo, which they have a kind of thumb that allows them to better understand their stems, leaves and buds.

The researchers They want to continue their studies to find out exactly when the exclusive bamboo diet was changed and that they plan to collect pandas samples from the last 5000 years.

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