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That's why Adamari Lopez appeared again on Telemundo screens!

The beloved actress and television carrier Puerto Rican Adamari Lopez reappeared on Telemundo screens in her meditative rest due to her respiratory condition, which led her to stay in hospital for almost a month.

Only a few days ago, Un And Nuevo Día's leader had turned down silence about his condition by calling a phone call to the morning newspaper in which she works:

"Here I am in my house, I'm more alive and expecting you to be pretty good to come back and be closer to you, who are my family and our beautiful people who always send us good energies and good prayers," he said.

During his absence from the cameras and social networks, the company did not stop, thinking of the future of the blond, but the Hispanic television network on which Ada works, decided to show the audience a surprise to see her again a small screen

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It's about places Christmas is sent to the personality of the channel in the best wishes this year.

Adamari Lopez looks brilliant in a bright red dress in other celebrity companies like Rafael Amaya, Aracely Arámbula, Gaby Espino and Marjorie de Sousa.

Although it is believed that the clip was recorded before the disease, its participation was welcomed by the company, which still wants to quickly recover and return to the mornings of the TV.

At the same time in the morning Telemundo, "New Day", found a way to include a couple of Tony Costa in his fun Christmas message.

In this way, 46-year-old Puerto Rican followers ensure Adamari's return to the screen, excluding rumors about his departure from television.

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