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Six things that could happen this February | AL BAT

It will be the most interesting February in MLB history since … well since last year.

A year ago at this point we were still waiting to see where J.D. Martinez, Jake Arreta, Yu Darvish, Eric Hosmer and many others. This year, we expect Bryce Harper and Manny Machado to decide.

The dead season has changed a lot in the short term, and so many good players still waiting to find a house will do some great things this year. Previous season games will only start in three weeks and teams still have holes to fill.

So here we leave you six risky predictions about what will happen this month.

1. Harper and Machado will finally sign their respective contracts, which will be incredibly complicated
At this point, we can safely say that the mega contract, as we knew it, is a thing of the past. Machado and Harper will be proof that this kind of pact has moved from one to the other with more versatility than Marwin González.

We saw this seed with Jake Arreta's contract with Phillies, which was three years and $ 75 million, but with the option for the player to leave it after 2019, or a team opportunity to cancel this opportunity. player for two years after 2020. Scott Boras agreed on this agreement and has just done something like Yusei Kikuchi's contracts with seafarers and Zach Britton with the Yankees.

It is logical to think that Boras agrees on something like Harper, but with much more dollars. I think Harper's contract could be anywhere from two to twelve years, with a number of ways to get out. Teams do not want to commit to a player for 10 years, even at the age of 26. And players are tempted to leave the agreement and consult again.

2. Craig Kimbrel will still not sign
At this point, if Red Sox does not move, given the luxury tax concerns, if their former team (Bravos) does not want to commit to a closer approach, and if the Phillies have moved away from trying to sign up for Harper or Machado, it is hard to imagine that Kimbrel's market will start soon. But the instability of the terrain could be in their favor. Training injuries are all that a team needs to take a phone and call.

3. Braves will receive J.T. Realmuto
How Long Were We Waiting for Marlin to Change to Realmuto? Obviously, conversations are finally "advanced", as Joe Frisaro of said on Thursday, so hopefully something will happen. At the beginning of winter I wrote that Braves is an ideal combination of needs and resources to complete these changes. Although Brian McCann's signing slightly changes the formula, obviously not something that will compete in Atlanta, one of the most active teams in talks with Miami.

We hope that at this point, Marlin is already convinced that you cannot refuse to change a player in his department if the package received is worth it.

4. Angels are going to sign Dallas Keuchel
Keuchel saga could also be extended to March, but it is not recommended for a team that signs it or a jug, given the need for starters to add preseason games to prepare for the regular season. Angels said they trusted their current rotation, but should they? The doubts about his quintet's health were not dispelled with the acquisition of Matt Harvey and Trevor Cahill, and since they were limited to one-year contracts this winter, they could join Keuchel without worrying about the luxury tax. Mike Trout's clock moves (free agent after the 2020 season) and this team could become a serious opponent for the season with Keuchel.

5. White Sox will be signed by Marwin González
Frankly, reconstruction teams in Venezuela would make more sense than starting Harper or Machado, because they still have to discover what the holes are or do not know how well they will go to different perspectives. Gonzalez can play in any position, and it should be a valuable team with doubts in the garden corners and in terms of position (second or third base?) Cuban Yoan Moncada in the long run.

Money should not be a problem for the team looking for Machado and Harper, because Gonzalez will not reach these costs.

6. When arriving in the spring complex, none of the Seamen's members will color
If Jerry Dipoto has gone over, he's ready.

Well, it's a joke. But seriously, the Dominican Edwin Encarnation does not have to deliver a parrot to Peoria.

Anthony Castrovince

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