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Roma v Real Madrid – Match Report – November 27, 2018

(Paola Núñez, Correspondent) – Real Madrid met Rome with a 0-2 victory to consolidate their place in the group's first round.

No one thought of it. When all this was done. The more he was accused of a very fictitious "lack of commitment". When half the Madrid persecuted his deportation to the Premier League or where Gareth Bale illuminated the road to Real Madrid.

Gareth Bale used a gift from the Roma to launch a victory that could give him the first place in his group, and paved the way for the ultimate goal. If from the very beginning until February 16, when the 16th round is played, the merengue team manages to find itself.

Roma and Real Madrid started the game, knowing in the 16th quarter after the Pilsen victory over the CSKA Moscow. However, the first place was on the match. The difference between the second round against the "rivals" of Manchester City, Juventus or Barcelona, ​​or avoid them.

And Real Madrid is not a big challenge. Regardless of whether it's with Solari or his predecessor, it's becoming harder and harder to solve their ideas. Each time it produces less and produces more. They – sometimes – are the courage that Solari has asked, and a little more.

But the arrest is not everything.

In 45 minutes, Madrid was not able to make the least damage to the goal of Rome. An interesting move here and there from Crow. Career from Bale to nowhere. Another from Lucas Vázquez, who is hungry to show the highest value. But Madrid created a small game with consistency, no matter how hard it tried to break. Search for triangulation.

Desperate Bale, Marcelo and Lucas, who are trying to get the ball to the place as they should. More Benzema, with this difficult case, to reach an unusual goal-keeper's quota; an additional burden for his normal work in the process of creation, and this is all that he can not reconcile.

Crosse desperate to find nothing else. Or Modric, only moderately dangerous with his shot from outside. It's true that Rome has gone. But theoretically, Madrid has the potential to open up any defense. He did not have this all the first time.

Back, disaster. There was no defensive player who did not deliver the ball in the danger zone. Luck helped them; what a ball diverted in millimeters and Courtois reflexes. There is also a lack of experience in Rome's attack. Without the wounded ElShaaraw, no Roma were aged over 22. And it was noticed. Talent, they have. But not the fangs that go beyond the merengue set. Something as simple as raising your head to shoot. So many went to the Underu – in addition to the fact that Courtois has given the ball to heaven, it has practically been canceled.

And the same success with the lack of Roma experience, except for the day in Madrid, was welcomed by Roy.

The bad ground clearance from Olsen ended with a counterattack, the final result of which ended with the "11" in which he had to assume and held everything possible to shoot, without pointing it out, from 0-1 to two minutes from the other.

Ten minutes later, the luck again smiled at the meringues when the center found Bale open, in the center of which Benzema, a few meters from the door, completed the feat. The point was to consider the opportunity failed, but then appeared Lucas Vázquez, who was already accused by Solar's strong man to complete the attack on the excellent Isco or Asensio. Galicia had to put the ball to score 0-2 and complete the day's rescue. And perhaps a season.

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