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"Reverol data are in contradiction with national reality"

November 28, 2018 at 01:15

Nestor Reverol, Interior Minister, Justice and National Representative, presented a safety report for 2018, according to which the crime rate across the country declined by 28.4% over the same period in 2017.

The death penalty for 30 people per 100 thousand people fell by 17 points compared with 2017, when it was 47 per 100 000 inhabitants, which is equal to a crime reduction of 27.7%, the minister said.

The Director General of the Venezuelan Center for Violence, Roberto Briceno-León, has shown that these figures are different from those who have so far reported the Venezuelan Center for Violence Observations and are far removed from the ordinary Venezuelan people's feelings and daily experiences that they are less safe than walking. along the streets. "He asserted that the crimes have fallen because of the crimes, such as vehicle theft.

Revero said: "They stopped making 3,703 killings, 16,320 robberies in total and 4,440 vehicle thefts." He emphasized that abduction across the country decreased by 38.3%, while in the capital area the number of these crimes fell by 37.4%.

The Minister noted that 89.5% of the abduction crimes were concentrated in Mirandas, Aragua and the capital cities where the abduction dropped by 37.4%; However, Briceno-León considers that it is difficult to determine whether there is a reduction in terms of abduction because they are crimes that are not reported and their forms of execution are different.

Concerning the reduction of crime, he concluded that "the crime is mutable" and adapts to the reality of the state. He is convinced that this is more than a decrease in frequency, which is due to changes in performance and modality.

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