We mentioned Huawei Nova 4 earlier this week. The first terminal for the camera is embedded on the screen as if it were a hole, and China's technology has not led to the demonstration of the innovative aspect of this device. He has done this on the birthday of a popular actor and singer, Jackson Yee, who, in a few seconds, could observe his peculiar frontline.

Although we still do not know what the terminal specifications will be, speculation about it will end with images taken from a streaming video from the above-mentioned holiday, where Your front camera is clearly and clearly displayed located on the top left. Huawei says wont in that way notch and possibly also with high reliability of facial recognition caused by a lack of sensors.

A gorgeous phone

Although the exact date of the terminal's presentation is not yet complete, with this transfer to Huawei they want to be sure that they are the first to make the new design available to smartphones around the world before the probability that Samsung plans to do it in December with its own line Galaxy A8. The South Korean company confirmed that it would work on the Infinity-O design, placing the camera in that position, but unlike what happened with a folding phone, it's now a Chinese competitor who took the cat to water and showed it a scoop

As for the rest of the design, there is little to say, given that the back is not visible. Yes, you can be sure that, although it is framed with carcasses, you can clearly see the "chin" on the bottom of the device, hence the use of a hundred percent forward will still not be available.

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