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Nicaragua allows the Venezuelans to enter the country without a visa


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Emilys Sarache / 2. nov. 2018.- The government of Nicaragua, chairman of Daniel Ortega, changed the conditions for the Venezuelans to migrate with the aim of leaving the country "visa-free" for at least 90 days.
The information was confirmed this Thursday at the Venezuelan Embassy in Managua, led by José Arrué.

Nicaragua's former ambassador to Germany, José Dávila, stressed that this assistance to the Venezuelans "should open the threat or unwanted people to come to Nicaragua," he said. The Nicaraguan press.

He also indicated that Venezuela is a country that is "highly questioned by the people of the international ideological sphere" because "a number of nationalized countries or nationalities are linked to anti-Western or terrorist acts".

The Venezuelan Embassy in Nicaragua, Venezuela, informed circulars of its citizens about the migration change, explaining that it was in the migration category C, from the visa consultation to the "A" migration category; ie they can enter the country without processing the document.

The Government of Ortega will allow the Venezuelan country to enter the visa for 180 days without a visa for 90 days.

Ricardo de León Borge, the international relations expert, sees the propensity of the Nicaraguan Government as a political decision.

"With the Venezuelans, I think it is a political and tourist cause, I think this is obvious, but that does not ignore the fact that the visa collecting for the Venezuelans was done with the same government as it was made before the Venezuelans did not pay There are two moments: one when the current government decides to have the Venezuelan visa (2016) and now that it is removed again. they wanted to go to exile in other nations and now I think this is due to the whole socio-political situation that Nicaragua is following on April 18th. "

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