Saturday , July 24 2021

Morgan Stanley believes health is a great opportunity for Apple's growth

The investment company Morgan Stanley has shared a new Apple analysis with the media and investors. It is provided by the financial institution health is a great opportunity The growth of the Cupertino company. One that they hope can capture tens of millions of dollars.

Three highly profitable scenarios for Apple


Investment banks carry out such analyzes so often, showing their views on opportunities that hide large companies. In this case, the CNBC has compiled part of the study and published it on its website, listing three scenarios that Morgan Stanley discusses about Apple's digital health market:

  1. Low scenario: The article does not deal with specific figures for 2027, just mentioning that this range would consist of sales wearable. But it has been clarified that in 2021 they expect $ 15,000 million in revenue.
  2. Medium scenarioMorgan Stanley estimates that by 2027 they would be at least $ 90 billion a year. Over the last 12 months, Apple has reached about 262,000 million, so it would be another 34%.
  3. High stage: By 2027, they are estimated at $ 313 million, far exceeding their earnings.

Of course, these are calculated figures that take into account different assumptions, which in many cases do not. That is why we have to follow them with caution. With this in mind, it is undeniable there's something. The health market has a huge size of about 3.5 billions dollars (trillion and the numbers they use in Morgan Stanley 10% of the total.

More "wearable", glucose sensors, sleep and blood pressure

To achieve these figures, the investment bank indicates a number of initiatives that Apple could take. Some of them are more obvious than others, but let's look at them. The first proposal is to start over wearable with medical functions. Wear resistance is the equipment we carry in contact with our body. So they are so interesting from a medical point of view. In the past, we have seen rumors about AirPods with medical sensors that have been shown by other headsets (the dead Bragi was one of them).

Adding medical sensors to Apple Watch is second. It has long been rumored that Apple aims to create an Apple Watch that can measure blood glucose levels to help diabetics control this disease. But it seems very hard-to-reach goal. It also mentions sleep monitoring (something Apple is working on) and blood pressure.

Apple is already working on some of the suggestions on the table at Morgan Stanley

The Bank proposes to work with insurers refunds Apple Watch costs. Apple already has a program that does it in the US. It is interesting to mention the health program for employees like Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and J.P. Morgan, because Apple has its own primary care clinic, called AC Wellness only for employees.

And finally, buy a health company. Here you have to understand that Morgan Stanley it is an investment bank. Thus, he is ready to manage acquisitions and mergers to calculate his services. The usual thing you see here is first of all what is happening.

After all, it is clear that there is something in the health sector. And that Apple has something to say. His commitment to privacy, circulation, recruitment of volunteers for mass and anonymous research, creation of a digital health record, and his efforts to make popular features such as Apple Watch Series 4 ECG are active in supporting your capabilities

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