Thursday , January 27 2022

McDonald's Potato Chip Box Best Secret


The Twitter user posted a photo that revealed the secrecy kept by McDonald's potato chips. According to the netizen, a larger box latch has become the basis for placing sauces that are usually with the product.

By simply lowering the back cover of the container, you can count on a surface that provides additional comfort to consumers, according to the fictional user's previous week's publication.

"Did you know that the potato chips box has a goal?" User discovered.

The innovative use of the famous Pope cardboard packaging has led to a series of reactions on social networks compliments, ridicule and gratitude about exchanging curious ideas.

"It's a stupid idea, but McDonald's must thank you for free publicity," the user replied.

"I work for McDonald's as a person responsible for the grill, assistant manager at the age of 18, and then I had no idea of ​​maintenance!"

"It sounds good, but it doesn't work," said another user.

According to FOX News, a "discovery" was made just at the time when new brands of imported potatoes were introduced, which will include bacon and will be released at the end of the month in all fast food chain restaurants. from USA

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