Sunday , February 28 2021

Liqui exchange house users report crash loss on CryptoNews

Centralization of exchange centers

Liqui clearly stated in his announcement that after the deadlines for cancellation, this option would be disabled and assets that users would not be leaving would be completely removed. They said that from now on they would not use withdrawal.

They also pointed out that "in rare cases when funds are discontinued, we can extend the deadline and contact the owners of the funds concerned by e-mail", which is a measure that users have requested from Twitter in view of the problems they showed , trying to withdraw its funds, but so far this has not been achieved.

On the other hand, despite requests for clarification as to why certain assets were liquidated, the exchange office in the "Terms of Use" section states that "Liqui reserves the right to change or change the terms and conditions contained therein. The terms, including, inter alia, on any site policies or guidelines at any time and at your own discretion. "

In addition, if it is confirmed that the exchange is the owner of the address shared with the user in Twitter, the fact that Liqui sells these cryptographic data is considered to be the reserve right of the exchange: "Although the account and services to the User are not transferred to any circumstances and should only be used by the user, Liqui will have the right to transfer, assign or sell all rights, benefits or obligations to any person, and these Terms will continue to be valid and effective for the successors and successors of Liqui. "

Unfortunately, many users report that they have lost their funds and that the exchange house has acted out of its rules. Although the extension is not met, given the potential difficulty of withdrawing from the market, it is not indicated as imperative in its publication, but as "we can".

It should be noted that in order for the user to use the services of any company, he or she must prove that he agrees to its terms and conditions. Although the Reddit publication cited above suggests that "attorneys are already involved in this case," it is not known whether user complaints have gone away or how far they could go.

If the exchange office controls its users' resources, this is because it handles private keys for these addresses. It is important for the user to choose decentralized services that give him full control over his or her own resources in order to avoid this kind of situation, especially with exchange houses that are not recognized globally or have little historical experience.

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