Saturday , April 1 2023

Let's talk about the CES 2019 extended reality strippers


Among all the technological advances that occur almost every day in our time, the pornographic industry is looking for ways to benefit. And their efforts are not isolated, in fact they have led to the recent conclusion CES 2019 edition with an advance that needs to be emphasized.

Poll: What is the gadget that you most liked CES 2019?

It is a new augmented reality application, a technological development that has happened to the podcast as a great comeback for this 2019. CES: Virtual Remover Holograms.

This new proposal complements its virtual reality platforms not only for adult experiences but also for investment situations in strip clubs.

The application submitted by Naughty America works on mobile devices – mobile phones and tablets – and allows users to place holograms from an actress or actor to the adults they want. You can even put holograms for couples who have sex.

Andreas Hronopoulos, CEO of Naughty America, described his project with a simple word: "amazing." "You can draw a complete separator in the room, with a bar or pipe, and she is there." Once you've posted a virtual nudist, there's nothing left, but put on the lenses and enjoy the show.

"I think of it as a leisure product, as a new version of magazines: you sit, relax, you place holograms and you play with them," said Andreas Hronopoulos, Executive Director of the Natalya America.

There is no doubt that the element "sex" was contradictory in the presence of CES 2019, just remember the contradiction created by the sex toy that was recognized as its innovation, but then not. And, you, onecero friends, do you understand that technology works in this direction?

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