Tuesday , October 26 2021

Juanes, Sanz, Fonsi and others call the Venezuelan people to resist Maduro


Spaniards have confirmed their support to Juan Guaidó, Venezuelan parliament leader, who swore two weeks ago that he was in charge of the executive director, given that the Chamber and many countries consider Maduro to be re-elected. some of the disputed elections.

The video Sanz talks about "loved ones in Venezuela" and reiterates its support for the Guaidó, which has already recognized many American countries, the European Parliament and Spain must do so on Monday.

"The main path to freedom is to leave fear, and you left it," says Colombian José Álvaro Balvin, better known as J Balwin, followed by Fonsi, who sees Venezuelan as an example. combat association ”.

"We are here to fully support this transition process," continues Puerto Rico Tommy Torres, while Argentine Diego Torres believes Venezuela is on its way to a "new phase and freedom."

"Do not lose the hope that the light will come out, that there is not much left that you have to face," says Juanes of Colombia, followed by Venezuelan actor Édgar Ramírez, who condemns "human rights violations and disregard". in his country, and calls for this situation not to be continued "one more day".

"Enough tyranny, enough hunger, enough suffering, lack of enough freedom," added Spanish Miguel Bosé, another renowned chauvinism, who has been managing Venezuela since 1999.

In their letter to Venezuela, the artists reiterate that "they are not alone" and urge them to "fight" the route proposed by the national parliament, which includes Maduro, the calling of a temporary government and a call for free elections.

Guaidó asked the people of Venezuela on Saturday across the country and dozens of cities around the world to ask those countries that do not yet recognize him to stand and help solve a "humanitarian emergency" that includes food shortages and drugs

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