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It was a day to support AN in some Maracaibo industries

It was a day to support AN in some Maracaibo industries

National tricolor, banners, whistles and pots wear at. At 12.00 on Wednesday, January 30, marabinos showed their support for the actions taken by the National Assembly and UN Deputy Juan Guaidó, who on 23 January declared himself a temporary Venezuelan president.

In sectors such as Veritas, Belloso, Tierra Negra, Delicias, Cecilio Acosta, Bella Vista, University, Urdaneta, Street 72, opposition supporters carried out betting on sidewalks, corners on homes, buildings and workplaces.

"I went to support our President Juan Guaidó in the National Assembly to restore our democracy in peace," said Carmen González, Administrative Assistant, who showed "the reasons for the struggle" she wrote on the white pages.
The interruption of "usurpation, transitional government, free elections, humanitarian aid channel, amnesty law" was part of the proposals he showed in taking part in the 72st street concentration.

"There are many reasons why I participated in the Assembly's support. I am a volunteer at Padre Claret Church Mesa de la Misericordia, today we only distribute 500 menus. There is a great need," said Andrej Mendoza, who gathered with other Zulia people in the Las Mercedes sector between Bella Vista and University Roads.

Kenya Arborran is a doctor of the profession and joined the invitation of the opposition leader.
"I went to show my husband for my daughter. I am a doctor and what I will earn is not enough to pay even for a child's school."

The concentration was also supported by vehicle trailers.

In the afternoon at 2:00, singing the hymn, they returned to their workplace and works as requested by Guaido.

In the Belloso sector, neighbors met Avenida 9.
On 72 streets they concentrated on 9 and 10 roads with huge tricolor flags.
Carmen González wrote his "reasons" in some white sheets.
Also on street 72 with avenue 13 they went out to show.
On the 85th Street (Falcón), AN was supported by Marabinos.
Delicias Prospect at Chinita Shopping Center
they also joined the opposition day

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