Friday , October 22 2021

Initial version of Ethereum 2.0 starts with "relatively complete features"


Ethereum (ETH) introduced the first premiere of the evolutionary transition to the Ethereum 2.0 zero phase, according to a new publication published on 31 January at Ethereum github.

The publication states that "it marks the first time in the weekly series of discoveries by February 2019. 0 phase v0.1 is relatively complete and close to its stability."

Ethereum 2.0, also known as Serenity, is designed to be the ultimate system update, as the entire network moves from a work test consensus algorithm (PoW) to a consensus test participatory algorithm (PoS), and addresses critical issues such as scalability, economic purpose and security .

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Serenity is the last of the four stages defined in the Platform Guide; Currently, the network is in the third stage (Metropolis), which consists of two solid bifurcation systems – Bianzum and Constantinople, both designed to direct the way to Ethereum 2.0. The latter was significantly delayed due to the vulnerability problem that was identified in mid-January.

Commenting on the first release of Serenity today, Vitalik, co-founder of Ethereum, recommended it was "* caaasi * complete Casper". As reported, Casper FFG, which means Casper is a friendly perfection gadget, was originally released in October 2017 as a PoS-PoW hybrid consensus model designed to provide greater stability and economic security.

Other PoS solutions planned for Ethereum 2.0 include, in particular, fragmentation scalability – which divides transaction processing between small node groups to increase the overall throughput of the block chain.

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Along with the first release of Ethereum 2.0 yesterday, a new testing network called "Gorli" was launched to test the key fragmentation client Serenity, known as Prysm.

For developers, testnet provides a simulated primary network version that allows you to check smart contracts or updates without paying "gas" (calculation fees) for their execution.

Gorli, a community-based open source initiative, will be useful in syncing other important Ethereum customers, such as Parity, Geta, Nethermind, Pantheon, and Ethereum.

The vulnerability found in last month's hard bifurcation in Constantinople was such as to allow re-attack using certain commands in ETH's intelligent contracts. The critical problem was initially discovered by the intelligent contract audit company ChainSecurity.

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