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In June, Nintendo 3DS will arrive at New Cinema Labyrinth

While we are not clear that Person 5 comes to Switch, Joker's arrival on Nintendo's consoles is inevitable: beyond his participation in Super Smash Bros. Person Q2: New movie maze European Nintendo 3DS Consoles.

In fact, this Atlus dungeon crawler can be seen as a cross between different versions of characters Person 3, Person 4 and Persona 5as well as the characters created for this case. Another step to strengthen the saga that devastated Japan in the West.

Show people what you can see fairly and take revenge on your cinematic discoveries.

In terms of content, as indicated by IGN, Person Q2: New movie maze comes with votes in Japanese and interface similar to opinion Persona 5. However, it is still unclear whether the texts will be translated into Spanish. As a reference, the same Persona 5 He came to PS4 in English.

One consideration is what Person Q2: New movie maze Since the Japanese launch, which is much more sensible, we will arrive with a time margin, although the game originally came out in November 2018, we will be able to enjoy it on the nintendo screens in early June.

It must be accompanied by the fact that a special edition has been approved for the West Showtime Premium Edition that adds a plush, art book, deck, set of four buttons inspired by heroes and a special box.


Although the Nintendo 3DS release calendar, which faces this 2019, is quite short, the Nintendo family of laptops still have some aces in their sleeves. Or rather Joker. Person Q2: New movie maze will be available in Europe and the US next June 4

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